47 Year Old Stroke Victim Was a Caregiver

I entered the room to see a tear falling down her cheek.

She was laying on her back, splayed and open with hands out and covers off.

She had a feeding tube in her nose.

She had a tube coming from her neck to help her breathe.

She squeezed my hand and I talked with her gently. I told her how her I just met her other son and daughter in the waiting room and saw her husband who reports she is doing better each day. I told her the feeling I got in her room is that she’s angry this happened to her and I can’t blame her. After all, she is 47 and has four children and now has had a major stroke.

She’s in rehab, doing better, trying to communicate without being able to speak. Learning to do everyday tasks again.

This woman was a caregiver for an 89 year old client of ours. She was good at taking care of others, not as good at taking care of herself and managing her risk factors for stroke.

Please heed this wee bit of advice and learn to take breaks from your role as a caregiver to rest, attend your OWN doctor appointments, take time away from the caregiving situation, eat well balanced meals, exercise, and play a bit. Whether you’re a parent, adult child, professional caregiver, etc., doing for others and neglecting ourselves can have devastating consequences. Plan to be better to yourself in 2014!

Consider having us lighten your load so you can take better care of yourself. We’re only a phone call away, (707) 762-5433.

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