Dedicated to Dad

Dad with balloons
My dad with balloons for last, live show!

I’m back after my hiatus…

…offering an easier to use website, with 5 years of radio podcasts now ORGANIZED into CATEGORIES. That’s the good news. Yay for me and yay for you!

¬ Need advice on housing for your parents or free placement help?

¬ Are you sifting through years of stuff in their house?

¬ Just feeling tired, overwhelmed and sad? Maybe even angry?

Shows on helpful topics are now one click away.

Why would I spend all this time reorganizing my website to offer FREE podcasts?

Well that’s the bad news.

My 81-year-old dad, Charlie, died this past April, after fighting lymphoma for two years. I found myself facing the challenge, not as an expert, but as an adult family caregiver, dealing with a cascade of mixed emotions and logistical hurdles.

My dad was like many of your parents — stubborn, proud, sunny, scared, independent, declining.

I tried to be patient and calm and I did a pretty good job for a long time. But at the end, we had a falling out. He made me so mad that I stopped going to see him. He died without my being there. Fortunately, my younger sister came to town after a long absence and stepped in.

The journey I took with dad was profound and it reminded me how important it is to surround ourselves with people who have been here before and can share their knowledge and experience.

My aim is to make your life easier, one podcast at a time!

Take a few minutes to yourself, click on category and choose a show to listen to now.  It’s easy-to-absorb, applicable information.
Thanks for telling friends who need support about this website.

With a hug,