Getting you and mom through the next ER visit

I don’t know about you, but for me, being in the emergency department with a loved one can be like entering the Twilight Zone.

You enter the florescent light waiting room and are there for hours “in chairs,” then you’re uncomfortably hanging by the side of the gurney keeping your loved one company, trying to advocate, ask questions, etc.  It takes a toll.

I want to help with these 5 TIPS FOR STAYING SANE in the Emergency Department (formerly “emergency room”).

1)  Leave the hospital for some fresh air!  Get healthy food on the outside.  Just give the department clerk your cell number so staff can reach you when you need to return.

2)  Don’t expect to do work there.  Multitasking leads to frustration, trust me. Better to leaf through a magazine if you need something to distract you.

3)  Bring a notebook and write down what tests were done, their results, what the doctor tells you, and any questions you can think of as you’re waiting. You can then look back and know what really happened that day.

4)  Learn to pack a Grab and Go Bag by listening to this radio show on preparing for the Emergency Department, Click Here.

5)   Put earbuds in your mom’s ear and play her a podcast or music, will make her anxiety less and the time go quicker.

P.S.  FREE here – I am giving you my easy Grab and Go Bag Instructions.