When California Wildfires Hit, Some Became Instant Caregivers

Nurse Talk Radio interviewed me. Listen to this short, helpful radio interview below if you became an instant caregiver.

It explains some strategies for helping your loved ones if they were affected by the wildfires. The resources and strategies are similar if you instantly become a caregiver from another cause, too.

My phone rings weekly with someone saying their mom or dad is being discharged from the hospital. Bam, that person is becoming an instant caregiver! They tell me they got a list from the social worker or discharge planner for home care companies, if parent is going home. Now that person is faced with making a choice from a list, calling around about prices and services, learning how this all works. YIKES. Way overwhelming.

Also, the caller may get a list of nursing facilities from the hospital social worker, if mom is not going home. Now they go driving around to look at them, not knowing what they should be looking for.

People need guidance from an expert at times like these. Call me anytime to discuss your situation. I can help: (707) 762-5433.