When Dementia Changes Who You Are

I’m working with a client who will tell people she’s an introvert. Her friends will tell you the same.

But is she now that she has moderate stage dementia?

Introverts are described as being happy with their own company; they get energy and recharge by being alone.

With an impaired brain, though, this client can no longer find the ability to paint, sew, or make gourmet meals. These activities she spent hours doing alone are not available avenues any more.

I wonder then, is she moving away from being able to be an introvert?

I believe that when we’re confused we can feel and be more isolated. I think we need more from others than we ever did.

Could brain changes be changing her into an extrovert? Is she needing to become an extrovert, getting her energy from being with others, needing the company of others to a greater degree?

What do you think?