Care Managers and Professional Help with Aging

Laurel Etheridge, Owner, Etheridge Care Management

Laurel “speaks” dementia and specializes in doing care management with people with this diagnosis. She’ll tell us how she can connect with even the most resistant elder in a non-threatening way and conduct an “informal” evaluation. She’ll discuss developing a plan of care and implementing the best care and interventions within your budget. reach Laurel …

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What does a Professional Fiduciary Do?

Don R. Hughes, CLPF Owner of Hughes Fiduciary Services. Often people need someone who can assume legal responsibility for their affairs. Don explains that a fiduciary can do this and how to set it up. Best of all, those activities are monitored by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau. Don’s Phone: (707) 536-7786, Fax: (707) 637-8164

Help for Behavioral Health Issues

Dr. Elliott Stein and Charles Symes Dr. Stein, Chief of Geriatric Psychiatry and Charles Symes of Alegre Home Care join us today. Mental health issues affect us when we’re younger, but may go untreated or not recognized. They can get worse over time and then person can also get dementia on top of that. We’ll …

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Diane Judd, Professional Organizer

Final Clean Out of Mom’s House

Diane Judd and My Friend Cheryl! Meet my friend Cheryl – a busy professional and daughter of her 89 year old mom. In 2011 Cheryl began cleaning out her SF childhood home when her mom moved to assisted living. We’ll learn how a single child has been negotiating the ups and downs of this emotional …

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