Kerry Rego Social Media

What’s Social Media?

Kerry Rego, Kerry Rego Consulting. Have you heard about Social Media and wondered what it is? Kerry explains all about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, including the basics and how to start. Learn new vocabulary and relate to your kids in a new way!

Bob Cheal Web Design

Internet Explained

Bob Cheal, Owner of Bob Cheal Web Design. The internet simply explained so you can stay connected. Bob will talk about going online and the costs of getting an internet connection for your home.

Karen Clark

Email Explained

Karen Clark, Online Presence Speaker-Trainer. We’ll discuss the basics of computer and phone email. Then you can use email to stay in touch with family, friends, your doctor, and even our radio show!

Dave Casuto

Computer Basics for Over 60

Dave Casuto and Angela Smidt. Dave Casuto, Founder and Executive Director of and Angela Smidt, Consultant explains computer basics and reassures you that the fears about learning are common. Once you listen, YOU’LL be ready to learn!